October 05, 2012

Recent Artwork

I would like to present you some of my work.

I absolutely don't do a lot of art anymore.
I wish I had more time.
These are from about a year ago.

I love the mix between drawing and painting!
And I like to draw or paint very realistic. But I also like to twist body shapes or add some deformations. You can bring a lot more feelings in your work!

I discovered this style thanks to Egon Shiele, an early expressionistic painter who did have an intense short life and made some great art. He learned from Gustav Klimt, also a favourite of me.

I'm hoping to take some lessons in illustration once....

A remake of a work by an unkown Belgian artist, Jef Bertels. I'm in love with his work.

An etch print of a self portrait of Egon Schiele.

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