October 06, 2012

New blog header + Brett Manning!

I'm so proud of it!

I made it with paint.NET, a free photoshop like software.
You can do a lot with it!

I downloaded the fonts here.The title is in a font called "things we said", and the description in the beautifull and simple font called Soymilk!

My paper was 1050x300 pixels.
Off course I used different layers. A layer for: Title; description; girl; wool; background.

I used the pipet to take the girls hair color as a primary color, and in the color palette, I made it a bit darker.
For the wool: I cut it out a bigger drawing. The background was a bit yellowish, so first I swapped the image in black/white, and then I played with the contrast.

The illustrations are the work of Brett Manning. I hope she doesn't mind I'm using her work.
I want to thank her!

Her work is so warm and gentle. She has a love for textures, fabric and hair. It's really hard to draw I think.
And again, she uses the combination of ink drawings and paint, aquarel. I love it!
You could say that this combination of techniques is called "illustrating", but her work is real art for me.
She isn't only an illustrator, she paints, draws and so on!
Lots of respect from me!
Here some of her work...

Hope you like it!

And again, sorry Brett, but your work is so beautifull :)

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