November 27, 2012

The Girl

While today should be a day for learning my mathematics, I drawed instead...

Luckily it turned out great! :D

Normaly, I draw with a model or a picture or something. This is one of the few drawings  made just from my fantasy! I'm satisfied!

I didn't know for sure if I wanted to add some color
Decided not to do that, didn't want to ruin her....

Wonder how I'll name her...
She's so...
Her left eye expresses strongness, but her right eye shows her scream for help and her weakness...

Illustrating experiment!

The last few weeks, I've been experimenting with making some illustrations.

I really didn't know how to begin. So I just bought a great Staedler 0.1 water resistant pigment liner.
Good buy.

So I drew the outlines and then coloured in with watercolours.

Still not good I think.

There has to be some other way to do this.

Here one of my experiments:

I don't know if some of you know the story of Medusa?

Medusa was first a beautiful girl, just like her other sisters (together they were called 'the gorgones').  But Athena got angry at her and transformed her into an ugly snake-headed women who could stone people. For the reason of her anger are several story's. One is that she slept with Zeus...

I like to use Greek mythology in artworks.

But I have to say, this wasn't really a piece of art in which I'm showing my skills! Everyone could do this:) You just need to have the idea!