October 05, 2012

DIY: Recycled multi-purpose mint gold white glass

So my first DIY for my blog!
I'm so excited!
I did this one like a month ago or something.

So, here they are, my beautifull recycled jam and pickles glasses!

On the moment for my pens! And a beautifull decoration for my desk.

Aloƫ vera :3

Recently I discovered an equal post somewhere on Pinterest, didn't repin it, but did remember! :D
But the Pinterest glasses where fully covered with paint.

I decided to leave some glass clear.

So here the steps:
Materials: -Jam, pickles, honey, .... glass
                 -Acrylic paint
                 - Colored and clear spray paint
  1. First tape your glasses, and leave big and smaller stripes clear.
  2.  If you chose to use acrylic paint, you can mix your own color. Here is a very very usefull website, if you're not that experienced with mixing colors. I love the combination of mint and gold. And I also used white. The gold is spray paint.
  3. Paint or spray
  4. Let dry
  5. Spray the whole glass with clear spray if you've used acrylic paint and you want your glass to be waterproof. I've noticed the paint will otherwise shrink. I wanted to use my glass as a vase and spilled some water on the outside and the acrylic paint shrunk and got wrinkles. On my next glass I used clear spray paint, and it helped a lot.
I use one glass as a pot for my little aloe vera plant. I've put some little stones on the bottom, wich gives a nice effect, you can see them;) The other glass is for my pens on my desk!
You can also use it as a vase or a storage for candy... 
I hope you all like my first DIY on my blog!


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