April 14, 2014

Super easy and original Tablet/ Ipad/ Ebook cover DIY, for 1$ and done in 10min!

Yes, I kind of forgot about my blog...

In the meanwhile, life has changed a lot.
I lived abroad for half a year, and I could definitely say that 2013 was a year of extremes.
But that is for an other post ;)

Lets start a new DIY! :D Are you excited?
This is such a fast and personal item to make. And it saves you a lot of money!
Lets get started!

*Book; a little bit larger as your device
*Washi tape or nice duct tape
*Self adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners

As usual: Go thrift shopping!! I found my nice book in a thrift store for only 1€! But be aware: I liked my book so much after reading through it, that I almost didn't want to cut it!

Pay attention that the book you chose is a little bit larger as your Ipad or tablet.
This might be the hardest task of this DIY: finding a book with the right dimensions!

Lets start!

1. Cut the pages out! Be careful that you don't cut in the cover!

2. Tape the ugly part of the book that is now free to be seen. (Help me out, how do you call this part of a book? It surely has some technical name...). This will strengthen your cover :)

3. Almost there! Already? Yes!
 Now you have to work very precisely! Tape the soft side of your hook-and-loop tape to the back of your device, or, if you you maybe have a hardcover, tape it to the cover. (I taped it directly on my tablet. I'm pretty sure the glue is removable, and on the other hand, I will probably just make a new cover like this if I'm tired of my Robots one). Leave it on for a while and put some pressure on your device so that you are sure it sticks.

4.When done, put the 'hook' side of the hook-and-loop on the soft side on your tablet. remove the protecting plastic on the glued side and try to precisely place your tablet on the book cover!
Now leave it for a while, and put again some pressure on it!


If you want, you can put some extras on your book cover:
 a pen holder
 an elastic to keep it closed
 a pouch to keep extra papers

 And yes, It can even stand!! How convenient:)

Good luck and enjoy!

x Inzaie

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