January 18, 2013

January-DIY: Golden Leather bracelet!

Well, hello!

As promised, I'll post at least one DIY a month starting this year.
But since it's January, here in Belgium, we students are studying for our finals.

So here is a DIY I did this summer!
This beautiful and easy leather gold chain bracelet!

-Leather strap/cord
-Old golden chain or necklace
-Small golden jewelry ringlets
-Golden jewelry "hook", you know, that thing you use to close the bracelet;)

You can buy these things or, even better, just use an old necklace and demolish it :)

Step 1. Fold the necklace (or chain) in two! Tape it to the table.
Try to look if it will fit you by taking the leather strap and measuring your arm. I made a bracelet that goes around my arm twice. Measure your arm exactly so you don't have any space left. I know you want some extra space for a bracelet, but we will take the extra space in account later. Mark the lenght on your chain.
Step 2. Take your leather strap and start weaving it through the second ringlet from where the chain is folded. Put some glue over it. Then go over it again with the leather strap and wait till it dries.
Continue weaving through the necklace. I went under the first rinlet and over the one next to it, again under, and so on...

Step3. weave completely to where you marked.Then glue the leather again.

step 4. Put a ringlet in the very first chain (where the the necklace or chain is folded) and attach the "hook"

Step 5. If you have some spare chain on the other ends, leave it, that looks good!
You now have an expensive looking bracelet:D

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