May 23, 2014

Be unique! T-shirt upcycle :) DIY (minor sewing)


I'm so excited!!
What have I done last weekend? THIS-

Made myself a new great shirts!

So, read further, and learn how to easily up-cycle your old shirts!

I have these awesome shirts from FURLA, but unfortunately never wear them because of their ridiculous stupid neckline...

So I decided to put my scissors in them!

This tutorial is really nice if you've never used a sewing machine before, or if you're just a starter!
super easy;) 

 Tshirt (too big preferably, why not your boyfriends?)
 fabric scissors
 Sewing machine

1. Cut the neckline! Most important first:) Remember, you still have to create a hem to make it look nice. So take an extra inch/cm in account!

2. Look at the settings of your sewing machine! If you have never used one before, read the instructions. It isn't that difficult. Take some scratch fabric and try it out! Later on, you can try and fold the fabric, make hems, and then you are ready to go!
I used the wrong stitch, but I liked the effect:)
I decided to make a V- neckline, but that's your choice

3. The sleeves! These were long and boy-ish. I decided to fold the twice on top and just once under the arm. This turned out great! I fixed it with a small blue cross stitch, done by hand.

That was it. Super simple. JUST TRY, DON'T BE SHY :)

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