January 01, 2013

New Years resolutions: Cool projects to start 2013

The new year is a new start! So why don't you start a cool project?
Pictures are memories, pictures are art. It's a second eye.
Be creative and start a picture project to live a happy life!

Picture projects

The 356 project, the standard photo project. Take a photo everyday, it's as simple as that! You see this project a lot these days over the internet. Although this is a standard project, it's still fun to do and easy to make it "not like the others"!

  • You can for example make it a phone-pic project. Only pictures from your Iphone or other.
  • If you are into lomography, you could only make lomo pics everyday.
  •  Or what about a polaroid-356-project? You'll have to pay some money for 356 polaroid sheets and a polaroid camera, but... What if you would make 12 frames, for each month, and fill them with the pictures? This would be great for the hallway! Or make a polaroid wall??
From the artists Darinka Montico and Heli Luoma
  • Fromwhereistand-project : Take a pic everyday, from where you stand. I really like this one! Lots off people hashtag these on twitter, or on Instagram. But you also have a Flickr group of this project. This project is so much fun, because you see things from an other perspective. And, you already know what kind of pic you'll have to take today. In a normal 356 project people run out of inspiration. 
Just a dusting. But we'll take it! #christmas #fromwhereistand

  • Long exposure projects: Take a pic on the same location everyday and see how it evolves. For example your garden, or the view through your window. You can also make a portrait of yourselve everyday.


Happiness projects

These are projects in wich you'll pay more attention to the things you love. You'll have to make clear resolutions and follow them up.
For example: Meditate everyday for 15 minutes, every wednesday is relaxation time, every saturday I'll run 5km, every month I'll donate to a charity, or every morning I'll play with my dog, every sunday is family day, every month I'll go on a date with my husband......

These are the ones I will do:

  • Every month, DIY time: This is one of the project I'll do this year. Every month I'll do a DIY. And I hope to do big DIY's! I'll post them on this blog off course.

  • Do something new, every day: I've been on a blog a while ago, of a girl who did something new everyday. That was so inspiring! It went from learning a new sport to travelling or reading a book. And don't be afraid to do things you would never do before! If you hate science fiction, challenge yourselve to read a SciFi book. Or if you hate cooking, then cook! You may be surprised, and maybe it isn't that bad at all! I am also going to do this project. But I wont do it every day. That will be too hard i think. I'll do it every week.
Hope I gave you some inspiration!

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