September 27, 2012

I'm Back / New start / Finnally begining?

 well well....
Look what I found today!
My lonely blog...

A year has passed, as I see.
And, still, I'm trustless...

But at least my new computer, Mr. Waffles, isn't like my previous ;)

My first year at university passed really quickly. I had to redo only 1 exam: organic chemistry.
So in July, like every year, I spend my summer at the lokal kids club, playing with children, and earning some money.
And in august, I had a holiday job in a kindergarten. After my hours, I was learning o-chem....

So quite a busy "holiday" I had.

But at least, I passed my exam with 12/20, and decided to stop studying biology, and start studying Bio-engineering.
Explanation will follow maybe...

So that's where I am right now!
Colleges started this week, and I'm ready for new books, friends and pubs ;)


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