September 27, 2012

Chapter 1 : Creative

Like I said, I describe myself with 3 words: creative, persistent and eager

Here comes the WHY of creative

Since childhood, my mother did everything to give me as many chances to learn something.
I really appreciate that from her.

I was a kid with so much hobbies, I needed to go somewhere everyday!!!

Arabic lessons, horseback riding, gymastics, music lessons, art school, dancing and so on.

Art school was my home for 10 years long. Untill I was 18...And I miss it so hard...
This is the place where I learned to use a pencil and a brush, a place where I never wanted to go.
Some people say, it's because of the 10 years of lessons that my drawing is so good. I don't think so. I was born with it, it was a gift;)

Music lessons also started when I was 7. At 8, I learned to play the flute. But I had a really bitchy german/Russian teacher, I still get the creeps if I see her. I cried a lot back then. So I stopped with the flute and finally started what I always wanted to do: playing the harp!
And my dream came true: My mother saved some money, and I got my very own harp about six years ago. And I'm still in love....
This year I took a break, so no lessons this year. University will take a lot of my time...
But I'm still playing, and I'm hoping to do some covers.

DIY-ing is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle for me. If I go shopping, and see something nice, you will often hear me say: that's easy to DIY!
The DIY-ing probably comes from my parents, die-hard DIY ers. Probably because money has always been a problem in our family. And in situations like that, my parents became creative.

Another thing I got from my mom is my love for fashion. I'm maybe not wearing the latest fashion, but I'm surely up-to-date!!
My mom, in her time back then, was an absolute fashionista, but also a weirdo. She used to buy fashion magazines and look at the clothes and sew them!
And guess what: I'm learning to sew to ;)
Plus, my mom happens to save all her old clothes, which has become my wardrobe now, I love her vintage stuff! ;)

So next thing: When I became 16, I started to learn myself the "real" photography, and got myself a DSLR. I'm still very happy I put my money in that. But I'm still in the learning process.

And then the rest:
I like cooking and baking
I like to write
I like to do my nails
I like to be creative with my hairstyles
I like decorating

and so on...

I guess you understand chapter 1 :D

PS: Did I excuse myself for my horrible English? I'm very sorry :s

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