December 03, 2012

New M42 Lenses for my DSLR!


A few days ago, I bought 2 excellent second hand lenses!

They are M42 lenses wich means their backside has a 42mm screw.
These are old lenses from the 70's. But they are so excellent!

The Yashinon auto DX is a fix 50mm lens with aperture up to 2.0! It's a heavy lens, and you can feel the quality.
The Super Marexar is a 28mm wide angel lens with aperture 2.8. Also big!
For the guys who aren't that common with all these numbers: You should know how bigger the aperture, how smaller the aperture number, or f-stop. And how smaller this number, how more lightsensitive the lens is, so that you can shoot in darker conditions, and what makes it more expensive. Also, a big aperture gives you a smaller DOF, depth of field, and gives you a nice bokeh!

So how do I attach these lenses to my modern DSLR?
Just buy an adaptor! :D

You should know that you have to shoot all manual! You can addapt aperture and focus on your lens itself.
You have to put your camera on A (aperture priority), S (shutter priority) or M (fully manual)
In the A mode you set the aperture you chose on your lens, and your camera will choose the shutter speed etc. In S mode, you choose the shutter speed, but, notice, your camera will tell you which aperture is needed, so you have to addapt this on the lens!!

If you want to use a M42 lens for portraits, people, animals or macro (with extension tubes etc) they are perfect!
However for landscape photography, or all other subjects on which you should focus to infinity, this will not work! Unless you buy an adaptor with a correcting glass in it, which I do not recommend. The quality of the lens will then be equal to the quality of the glass in your adapter, which is usualy bad....

I intented to use these lenses reversed on an extension tube to do macro photography!
I am still waiting for the reverse ring and extension tubes to arrive (China stuff from ebay) :D

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